Specialties: B.S. Applied Science, NASM CPT, NASM CES, Combine 360 Certification , Bio Mechanics Specialist

Head Coach & General Manager

Celebrity Coach, Kory Johnson, trains some of the biggest stars around Atlanta, including some professional athletes.  We are blessed to have a Head Coach to help us ensure G3 Gym offers the best physical training in Georgia.  

Kory's top priority is keeping our athletes' injury free while helping us get in top physical condition.  He is a student of the human central nervous system and holds certifications in that area in addition to his fitness certifications.  Kory designs our workouts incorporating his expansive knowledge and experience and passes his knowledge along to our entire coaching team during weekly coaches' meetings.

Kory has a single client paying him over six figures annually for personal training.   I haven't seen any other opportunity to get this level of training for less than $120 per month.  Come try a free class to experience this life-changing opportunity for yourself.